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Alliance offers a large array of products designed for produce and floral bundling. As the original pioneer of rubber bands for produce and floral applications, we have been providing products for the industry since 1923. Prior to Alliance, only string and twine were being used by growers. Bundling is our business, and our products are specialized to hold your produce and power your brand.

Additionally, as an American made manufacturer, Alliance provides fresher stock, faster turn-arounds, and consistent top quality. This allows growers and packers to get their produce to market as quickly as possible and looking its best.  Whether you need standard, PLU, or custom imprinted rubber bands, clear floral bands, waterproof tape, custom hang tags, or pallet bands, we want to be your “go to” source.


Bands for Produce & Floral Applications:

Standard Produce Rubber Bands


Standard Produce Rubber Bands

Alliance offers a large range of food-grade rubber band sizes and colors.

Standard Imprinted PLU Bands


Standard Imprinted PLU Bands

Label your item with country of origin and PLU number for ease at checkout.

Custom Imprinted PLU Bands


Custom Imprinted PLU Bands

Branding your produce with your name, website, and/or promotion encourages brand loyalty.

Floral Bands


Floral Bands

From Clear TPE to standard or imprinted rubber bands, we have the perfect solution for fresh flowers and ornamental plants.


Custom Hang Tags for Produce & Floral Applications:

Brand-It™ Custom Hang Tags


Brand-It™ Custom Hang Tags

With eye-catching graphics and a specially-designed silicone anchor band, your product will be front and center for all to see.



Waterproof ProTape™ for Produce & Floral Applications:

Standard or Custom ProTape


Standard or Custom ProTape®

Especially designed for produce bundling, ProTape® provides the added benefit of bar coding.

Floral Tape


Floral ProTape®

All Floral Tape, including Orchid Tape, is waterproof and can be applied to bundles or arrangements that are wet.

300v protape dispenser


300V ProTape® Dispenser

This basic ProTape® dispenser allows easy handling and cutting of ProTape® for manual application.

300V-II ProTape Dispenser


300V-II ProTape® Dispenser

This economical ProTape® dispenser features an application plate to measure, cut, and apply ProTape®

3000v protape dispenser


3000V ProTape® Dispenser

With the push of a hand this semi-automatic dispenser is three times faster than the pull and cut dispensers.

5000v protape dispenser


5000V ProTape® Dispenser

When two hands are required to handle your produce, this electric ProTape® Dispenser can be activated by foot pedal.


Other Useful Products for the Produce & Floral Industry:

Pallet Bands


Pallet Bands

Economical and easy to use, pallet bands contain and secure palletized items during movement within a warehouse.

Supersize bands

SuperSize Bands™

These 12” red, 14” green, and 17” blue bands are great for holding box flaps down, trash can liners, and more.