About alliance rubber company

About Alliance Rubber Company

About alliance rubber company

What A Time To Be Alive

Today’s bright new technologies are bringing the world together in such innovative ways. With just a click, it is possible to share thoughts with millions of minds—almost instantaneously.

As traditional work methods give way to more customized solutions, the need to keep our individual lives more organized is growing. Alliance Rubber Company manufactures 2,200 products and markets them in 55 countries all to help individuals and work places with their projects. The need for organization was something our Dad, William Spencer, understood. It fueled his vision for the company, founded in 1923 in Alliance, Ohio.

Spencer family

A photo of Brandi Spencer, Michelle Spencer Hitt, Richard Spencer and Bonnie Spencer Swayze

We are now celebrating a third generation of family ownership, with more than 150-team members— who are an integral part of our continuing success. Their attitude toward quality and the passion they bring in producing a quality product distinguishes the brand. 62% of the Alliance Rubber Company team has been with the company for over five years and they help us make some of the world’s best rubber band products at our manufacturing facility in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

For nearly a century, Alliance Rubber Company has been organizing the world in fun, affordable ways. Dedicated to “Holding Your World Together” by providing the best organizational tools at the best value, all the reasons Alliance Rubber Company remains a respected leader in manufacturing resonate right here:


A true American success story, Alliance Rubber Company owes its beginning to the ingenuity of one man – our father – William H. Spencer, who left his Franklin, Kentucky home in 1904 at the age of 13. Traveling by rail to seek adventure, he found himself in Alliance, Ohio in 1917 with less than $3, and began working for the Pennsylvania Railroad. Six years later on March 7, 1923, he obtained a few Goodyear inner tubes and cut the bands by hand in his basement where he founded Alliance Rubber Company. In those days, newspapers were blocked and thrown in the general direction of the porch. After seeing the Akron Beacon Journal blowing across lawns, he persuaded them and the Tulsa World to try wrapping them with a band. He went on to pioneer other new markets for bands, agricultural and industrial applications as well as a myriad of other uses.

After almost a century, Alliance is still a family owned business with a rich and distinctive American heritage. What started as a simple, practical, and reliable solution for everyday life has been transformed by our 150 Alliance Rubber Company team members into a multi-faceted collection of more than 2,000 products and tools designed for “Holding Your World Together.” Our associates make the difference in our brand. Their attitude and passion for quality of customer service shines. Over 60% of the Alliance Rubber Company team has been with the company for over five years, enabling us to make some of the world’s best banding products at our manufacturing facility in Hot Springs, Arkansas.


We started with just a few rubber bands. Now, Alliance Rubber Company offers over 2,000 sku’s of packaging, Ad Bands®, the world’s first four-color imprinted FotoFlex Bands™, Cable Wrapz®, Gear Strapz®, waterproof UPC-imprinted ProTape® and mailing/shipping supplies.


Flag94% of our sales are of American-made products that comply with the standards “Buy American” set-aside in conjunction with U.S. government purchases. Consumers who select these products enjoy fresher stock, faster service, better fill-rate and consistent top quality.

We not only show American pride through our products, but you can also see our pride when driving by our factory. On October 12, 2016, we dedicated a walkway in honor of our 18 veteran employees and named it Freedom Falls. Freedom Falls is also a tribute to past, present and future veteran associates along with the over one million Americans who gave their lives to keep America free.

Our company has also installed an 80-foot by 40-foot American flag that stands 130-feet tall and can be seen when driving on the 270 bypass. At the top of the flagpole there is a gold ball that each of our 175 employees have signed. The flag is a way of showing how proud Alliance employees are to be working, living and creating great products in this country.

I would like to personally encourage you to visit the section on our site “We Can Make It In America,” take our pledge to spend $1 per day on American-made goods and help us to create one million additional U.S. jobs.

WOSB-Woman Owned Small Business

The federal government establishes formal goals to ensure small businesses get their fair share of work. Every federal government purchase between $10,000 and $250,000 is automatically set aside for small businesses, as long as there are at least two companies that can provide the product or service at a fair and reasonable price.

When distributors offer Alliance branded products, they’re able to meet the criteria for GSA set-asides for Women-Owned Small Businesses as well as “Buy-American.”


We were recently honored by the U.S. Department of Commerce’s NIST—National Institute of Standards and Technology—as one of two U.S. companies to win the Excellence in Innovation Award. Take a look at our history section to see our new products, and know we are committed to keeping you a market leader rather than a follower.

Trust and Reliability

Since 1923, we’ve grown into a packaging leader, selling to dealers in 55 countries.


Unlike many packaging items, rubber bands are reusable and cut down on the need for excessive packaging. If every person in the world reduced their garbage by as little as 10%, the results could save 100 pounds of carbon dioxide per person annually. In addition, most of our rubber bands are made from latex, a rapidly renewable resource.

Ergonomically Correct Bands

Our soft stretch reduces stress, which leads to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and costly workers’ compensation claims. As our bands’ elongation is further than most other bands, the consumer can see cost savings by using a smaller size and increasing their count per pound.

Bonnie spencer swayze

A photo of me with one of our favorite customers, Lawrence the Lobster in Nova Scotia!

Diverse, Interesting People Committed to Your Success

Small companies have always been known for their entrepreneurial spirit, and Alliance is no exception. Wherever you are in this vast world, you’ll find us to be helpful, friendly people, dedicated to helping you find a solution.

Our culture respects and values diversity and inclusion; and diversity has been key to our success. Intent on continuing a tradition of designing new products to help organize your life at work, school, home, or play, we’re not interested in being your biggest supplier—we just want to be your favorite. Known for quality since 1923, count on Alliance for all your organizational needs.

Bonnie Spencer Swayze