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Private Label Products to Sell Online

Are you looking for the best private label products to sell online? Private label products (a.k.a. white label products) have, for the first time in a decade, outpaced the sales growth of national brands. Moreover, online shopping is shaping up to be the next major...

Complete Tool Box Kits With Essential Items

Whether you're a seasoned DIY'er or a rookie, ensure that you have a complete tool box kit by referencing this handy checklist from Bob Villa and Alliance Rubber Company. Hardware stores began to see a spike in sales at the start of the coronavirus pandemic...

Eco Friendly Packaging

With the rising trend of eco-friendly packaging, manufacturers are reimagining how they package their products by aiming to eliminate single-use plastics in their packaging. According to an article from NRDC, "a whopping 91 percent of all plastic isn't recycled at all." That statistic seems glaring,...

Are You Ready For Your Food Safety Audit?

As most produce farmers and handlers are aware, food safety is a major concern in the market for fruits and vegetables. More and more produce buyers are requiring proof that their suppliers are implementing effective food safety programs all the way to the farm level....

What Gives Rubber Bands Their Strength?  

Since opening our doors in 1923, Alliance Rubber Company has established itself as a world leader in the manufacturing of custom rubber bands and other organizational tools. Our 2,200 innovative products are marketed in 60 countries, and as a third-generation family business, we're committed to...

Rubber in Textile Manufacturing

The Use of Rubber in the Textile Industry The use of rubber strips and rubber bands in manufacturing textiles, footwear, and other miscellaneous garments has grown in popularity over the past few decades.  Rubber bands are useful in a number of ways throughout the entire...

Rubber Bands for Equestrians and Jockeys

Jockeys and equestrians have to consider the safety of themselves and their horses.   The comfortability of the riders as well as the health of the horses must also be taken into consideration.  With the use of rubber bands, jockeys and equestrians can create a more...

The Necessary Properties of Seafood Rubber Bands

Alliance Rubber is a third-generation family-owned company that is designated as WOSB or Women-Owned Small Businesses. In addition, 94% of our sales meet the "Buy American" standard for U.S.-made products. By sourcing our products domestically, our customers are assured that our stock is fresher, our...

Looking for a Private Label Manufacturer for Custom Rubber Bands?

Since 1923, Alliance Rubber Company has been providing high-quality consumer and industrial rubber products. We offer a range of office, packaging, and specialty items, including private label, custom printed rubber bands for some of the top companies around the world. We're proud of our capabilities...

EPDM Automotive Applications

    EPDM Automotive applications are the fastest-growing among other popular segments such as building & construction, wire & cables, lubricant additive, and plastic modification. EPDM (a synthetic rubber) is most commonly utilized in vehicle weather stripping, seals, sealant, wire and cable harnesses, and brake...


The Decline in Demand for EPDM Automotive Applications

The automotive industry has long been EPDM’s most popular application segment, but the market in 2020 declined by 12.9%, in terms of volume, compared to 2019 due to the pandemic. The automotive industry is a significant consumer of EPDM, so the decline of auto production and auto sales caused a major decrease in demand for EPDM automotive applications overall. However, it is expected that EPDM will be in high demand during the post-COVID19 recovery.

Reshoring EPDM within the United States

Not only will the global demand increase during the growth recovery period, but demand specifically for American Made EPDM is expected to increase exponentially. According to a recent report from Thomasnet (North America’s number one industrial sourcing platform), 83% of North American manufacturers are likely or extremely likely to reshore production (which is an increase from the 54% of respondents who said they planned to reshore back in March of 2020). In particular, the automotive and oil & gas sectors were the most motivated verticals with plans to add North American suppliers to their supply chains.

This will lead to a massive amount of economic opportunity in the U.S., with potential to drive $443 billion in economic value over the next 12 months.

American Made EPDM

AUTOMOTIVE EPDMSince the rise of reshoring has occurred within North America, many manufacturers in the automotive industry are looking to source EPDM rubber domestically.  As a custom rubber manufacturer in the U.S. since 1923, Alliance Rubber Company is equipped to produce custom compounds of EPDM for automotive applications as well as other EPDM compounds designed for your needs and specifications. Want to learn more? Fill out our contact form!

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