Commercial Fishing

Commercial Fishing

Seafood Rubber Bands and Silicone Bands 

Whether you’re fishing for lobster, crab, geoduck, or clams and oysters, we have bands to fit your needs. Our bands have been used for over 50 years in the commercial fishing industry from banding to packaging and promoting your seafood.

Catching – Band It!
Our natural latex rubber bands are FDA compliant for direct food contact and are able to withstand cold temperatures while maintaining their hold-strength and stretch. These bands are used to band-at-catch and in the processing/packaging phase to bring the ocean’s harvest to the customer’s table.Our silicone seafood bands and tubing are non-latex, made from high quality, food grade silicone that is FDA compliant – passing both the formula compliance and compound extraction tests. Some additional benefits of our silicone seafood bands and tubing are that they maintain their stretch and hold over an extreme temperature range – 47° F (- 44° C) to + 450° F (+ 232° C); when imprinted the ink bonds to the band surface so the imprint will not wear away; and, they do not affect the cooking or flavor of the cooked lobster. Also, this formula has great longevity – so, what bands or tubing may be left over at the end of this season, you can use next season.

Packaging & Tracking – Trace It!
We understand the importance of stores and customers knowing where the seafood they purchase originated. We are able to imprint traceability information directly on your bands along with the fishing boat number to help guarantee the freshness and quality of the seafood at its final destination and offering the comfort level of knowing where your food comes from to your customers.

Promoting – Brand It
Continue to market and brand your company and product even after the catch! When you’re proud of what you provide to the marketplace, make sure the customer who buys your product knows who you are and associates your name with a product they find consistently good. Good marketing results in re-orders. Let us print your company name and/or logo on your seafood bands to help promote you.

Our standard band colors are red, blue, yellow green and tan. We’re happy to work with you on a custom color or imprint to suit your business. The minimum order quantity is 200 lbs per size and color

Contact us for a quote and let us help you band it, brand it and trace it.

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