Printed products

Printed Products

Brand-It™ Custom Hang Tags

Brand-It™ tags are a great way to promote your brand’s unique selling points and limited-time offers. With eye-catching graphics and a specially-designed silicone anchor band your product will be front and center for all to see. Unlike string labels, these tags remain on the object - even during transit!

Exercise Bands

Workout Bands Flex your message and your muscle. Work-Out bands are the best way to promote your message and a healthy lifestyle. Portable exercise rubber bands allow you to fit any toning, strengthening and stretching into your daily routine. AD SPECIALTY...


Flexbands® are a non-latex thermoplastic elastomer with many rubber band characteristics. These bands have an easy stretch and an exceptionally high band count per pound. It can be extruded up to a four inch flat length and is available in a wide range of colors. Flexbands® are subject...

Printed Rubber Bands

Originally created in 1986, our printed rubber bands can fulfill an endless variety of functions. Customize them for promotional giveaways, nonprofit organization awareness or for your next business or school event. From glow-in-the-dark rubber bands, to QR code bracelets and more, Alliance Rubber...

Silicone Bracelets

Make a powerful statement with silicone bracelets. They come in adult and child sizes and are available in a variety of branding options: imprinted; debossed; embossed and debossed with color fill. They are also available in glow in the dark. A great way to promote any special event with a fun and...

Silicone Phone Wallet

This silicone phone wallet is made of durable silicone. It attaches to the back of your phone and removes easily without leavinga mark. It holds 2-3 credit cards, business cards, coins, money and more. Now you can use your phone as a wallet. AD SPECIALTY DISTRIBUTOR - CLICK HERE