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Whiffers™: The hottest new thing for students everywhere

Whiffers™ are the biggest thing to happen to studying since highlighters. They are a unique scentbased, memory enhancing study aid that you wear around your wrist.

HOT SPRINGS, AR., August 1, 2011 – The creator behind this incredible new product for students is Alliance Rubber Company, the inventor of the world’s first imprinted rubber wristband. What are Whiffers™? They are a unique scent-based, memory enhancing study aid that you wear around your wrist. What makes these rubber band bracelets all the rage? They utilize scents that have been scientifically proven to help you recall information or even just relax.

The most incredible part is…..they work! Alliance continues to get feedback everyday from parents and students of all ages who are discovering this connection between scent and learning. Parents and teachers have confirmed that the Whiffers™ products have improved their kids learning habits and helped them to connect with the material and stay focused. And for our children, these connections can lead to the sweet smell of successful learning.

Natalie, from Dublin, Ohio says “I gave samples to each of my school age children, age 9, age 8, and age 13. Three days later, I had them take the bands with them and put them on during the tests. I even sent a note to the teachers that I was trying something different. Wouldn’t you know it! My 8-year old aced that spelling test, my 13- year old missed only 1 on the science exam! woo hoo! And my 9-year old uses them for history tests and she’s doing great on the tests as well!”

“The sense of smell has been found to be the strongest in sparking memories,” said Lynne Risner (MSE), Literacy Specialist and Senior Consultant for Educators Consulting Services. “It is because scent is directly tied to the limbic system, which is the place in the brain where memories are made. Smells create Proustian Memories, which are long-term memories that elicit strong emotional responses. Certain scents, such as peppermint, have been proven to improve concentration. Other scents, like lavender, can be used for relaxation and can decrease the stress brought on by test anxiety.”

Whiffers™ are available at

About Alliance Rubber Company

Since 1923, Alliance Rubber Company has been dedicated to Holding Your World Together. The company has grown to be a premier provider of printed wristbands. Alliance currently operates as a Woman Owned Business under the leadership of Bonnie Swayze, president. They have a long history of innovative product development ranging from their manufacturing process, vibrant color capabilities, and product design to improving the benchmark status of their products.

SOURCE: Alliance Rubber Company

Jason Risner
Marketing Manager
Alliance Rubber
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