Clam and oyster bands

Clam and Oyster Bands


Clam and Oyster Bands

Our natural rubber latex bands used around clams and oysters are perfect to hold the natural juices in and  keep your product flavorful and fresh longer. The bands can remain on your product during cleaning, packaging and in refrigeration and will retain their firm hold in the cold.  Also, the firm hold our bands allow will minimize the possibility of damage during transport. Bands may also remain on clams and oysters during steam cooking.

Traceability is increasingly important so stores and end users can trace their products’ freshness and point of origin. Imprint tracking information on your bands.

Imprint to promote your name or logo. When you’re proud of the product you offer, make sure the end user associates your name with the quality they look for when they buy and want to re-buy the same or other products you offer.

*CPP – Approximate Count Per Pound
**Bulk Packed is loose bands in a master case.

Item # Length" x Width" - Package Count/lb Case Min
Custom 1 1 1/2" x 1/2" Sterling - 25# Bulk 395 25 200 lbs.
Custom 2 2" x 3/8" Sterling - 25# Bulk 425 25 200 lbs.
Custom 3 2 1/2" x 1/2" Sterling - 25# Bulk 350 25 200 lbs.