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EPDM anchor bands

These EPDM Anchor Bands combine the durability of EPDM – the premier weather-resistant, non-conductive, synthetic elastomer – with the versatility of an anchor band design. The quick-release anchor makes it easy to apply, remove, and reuse these long lasting bands time-and-time again!  The easy-on, easy-off application is gentle on fingers and makes repeated bundling of your items much faster and more convenient. Additionally, EPDM Anchor Bands eliminate the need for single-use plastic ties.

  • Made in the USA
  • Eliminate the need for single-use plastic ties
  • Ideal for repeat use
  • Secure hold with easy-on, easy-off application
all weather anchor bands

What is EPDM?
epdm anchor bands

How to Apply Anchor Bands
epdm anchor bands

Are These Bands Reusable?
EPDM is the premier all-weather synthetic elastomer because it has excellent heat, ozone, UV, aging, and weathering resistance. EPDM rubber also exhibits excellent electrical insulation as well as resistance to most water-based chemicals, mild acids, liquid fertilizers, and synthetic brake fluids. Learn more here. The specially designed anchor tab on these EPDM Anchor Bands does exactly what the name implies – it anchors the band in place for a secure hold. Whenever you need to gain access to items within the bundle, simply push the anchor through the loop and the band will open. They’re easy to apply and easy to remove. Anchor Bands can be reused time and again. This eliminates the need for single-use plastic cable ties which are harmful to the environment. They’re eco-friendly and a great reusable option that will save time and money in the long run.


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