Ponytail, braiding & grooming

Ponytail, Braiding & Grooming

Ponytail, Braiding & Grooming

We make bands to “hold your world together” and that includes ponytails! Our ponytail & braiding bands are ideal for hair care, and are available in rubber, silicone and plastic.


For the simple beginning of a more dramatic look.

For men and women sporting long hair, to keep it out of their faces at work or play.

For kids of all ages simply because they make all ages look more carefree and adorable.

For our four-footed friends to look their best at shows or at home.


From rubber bands that are necessary for super fine hair, to silicone and plastic ponytail bands that slide on and off more easily to take the “ouch” out of your fashion look – we can manufacture to meet your packaging needs without putting an “ouch” on your pocketbook.





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