Advantage® Rubber Bands - Rubber Band Ball

Convenient and Fun Office Accessory

Alliance Rubber's Advantage Rubber Band Ball is a fun and useful accessory for your home or office. This elastic band ball includes 250 rubber bands in five different colors making color coding quick and easy. Great for a wide range of uses around the home and office, rubber bands are a reusable and flexible organization accessory. Rubber band balls are a convenient way to store your colored elastics and can also double as a stress ball, helping you reduce clutter and keep your workspace organized. Rubber band balls make a great gift for onboarding new staff members.

  • 250 bands included
  • 2.5"
  • 5 colors
  • Made in USA using globally sourced materials

Multitasking Accessory For Your Office

Store and Organize
This rubber band ball makes it easy to keep your desk and office organized. Keep all of your bands together and add or remove when needed. Use it to store thumbtacks or pins for safe and quick access.

Relieve and Reduce Stress
These colored rubber bands can also double as a stress relieving ball. Avoid extra clutter and squeeze it any time to help you relax and refocus, or use it to help avoid symptoms related to carpal tunnel syndrome from repetitive strain.

​Quick and Easy Color Coding
This selection of colored elastics comes in 5 different colors, ideal for color coding and organizing your files, products or supplies. This rubber band ball's elastics come in white, blue, red, green and yellow. ​

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