Here is a product that is invaluable in combat and all outdoor activities: our STRAC Pack is “STRIKE TEAM READY AROUND the CLOCK”.  Developed with the 5th Special Forces Group at Ft. Campbell, KY in 2002, STRAC Pack is used by all branches of the military, parachutists, police, SWAT, Homeland Security, Border Patrol, outdoor enthusiasts, etc.
The pack contains 8 STRAC Bands in two sizes (formerly Ranger Bands) and 8 Gear Wrapz in three sizes in a zippered poly to silence and secure loose gear.  STRAC Bands silence dog tags, canteen cups, bundle ropes and cables and provide a sure grip on knives, pistols, flashlights, tools, etc.  STRAC Pack has saved lives in Afghanistan and Iraq by providing silence to prevent compromising the user’s position.  The Gear Wrapz are excellent rough water tie-downs.  The all-weather EPDM Rubber is tough and durable and will withstand harsh outdoor temperatures and UV rays. “You never want to drop or lose your weapon or gear.

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To/From Item # Plain Item # Item # Size # Length" x Width" - Package Count/lb Pale Crepe Gold CPP Sterling CPP Advantage CPP Inner Case Min  
0 0 07812 STRAC Combo Pack 0 50 50
0 0 07813 STRAC Pack Rack • point of purchase display • 12/packs 0 1 1
0 0 07814 STRAC Combo Pack 0 25 25