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Gift Wrapping with Rubber Bands

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Where did the year go?  If you are looking for a creative and stylish way to wrap a gift for the holidays or any time of year, all you need are a few everyday supplies you may already have with your office supplies.  

I started with a package of X-treme File Bands in lime green, a roll of brown kraft paper, and a chalk board pen.  

I wrapped my gift using the kraft paper.  

Then I added one large rubber band from the left hand side of the package and one from the top of the package to make what looks like an off-center cross.  

Then I added another band from the right hand side and another band from the bottom.  I alternated which side (left or right) I added rubber bands to so I could make a basket-weave pattern.  You don’t have to do this; I just wanted to create the basket-weave look.  

I continued adding bands to the left or right hand side and from the top and bottom until I achieved the result I was looking for.  

Ta da!  I was thrilled with the result!  It looks like a modern take on a traditional ribbon-wrapped gift!  

For the finishing touch, it was time to add a gift tag.  I started with a traditional paper tag and just slipped it between some of the rubber bands.  

I also tried an initial monogram using a chalk marker.  I thought this was a fun, simple and unique addition.  The size of the X-Treme file band is perfect for a small gift because I didn’t have to stretch out the rubber bands too much (my box was about 7” x 7.75”).  Another thing to keep in mind is that the box I wrapped was a sturdy, heavy cardboard mailing box, NOT a thin gift box.

Remember, you can be as creative as you would like to be with this.  You could use a different color or multiple colors of rubber bands if you wanted to.  You could use even use a bright pink or vibrant red wrapping paper.  Again, just have fun with it!  This is the gift that keeps giving, not only does the recipient of the gift get their gift wrapped in a unique way, but he or she also gets some super-handy large rubber bands!  

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