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Make Your Cut Flowers Last Longer! Step One: Rubber Bands

Roses, lilies, tulips and other popular flowers have long been a go-to gift for Valentine’s Day celebrations. If you were one of the many to receive a bouquet this Valentine’s Day, follow these steps to keep your arrangement alive and on display for as long...

How to make a rubber band ball

Here at Alliance, it’s obvious we love rubber bands. Alliance has been producing quality rubber bands since 1923. It all started when William Spencer obtained a few Goodyear inner tubes and cut the bands by hand. He then persuaded Tulsa World to wrap their newspapers...

Rubber Band Sculptures

One California artist turned rubber bands into art. Francis Baker uses different objects to make sculptures. We may be a little biased, but our favorites are her rubber band sculptures. Check out her heart sculptures below.

Band Bandology logy

Features on the unlimited uses of rubber bands.