Break In A New Glove Using Rubber Bands

What’s summer without playing a little catch in the yard? Definitely not as fun with a stiff glove. We know a way to help break it in quickly! All you’ll need is vaseline, a washcloth, a rubber mallet, a baseball and, of course, a rubber band! First, bend the leather to get it ready, then pound it with the mallet. After the glove has been softened, put a quarter-sized amount of vaseline on the wash cloth. Rub a thin layer all over the glove. Then all you have left to do is to place the ball in the glove and wrap a rubber band around it all to hold it in place! Leave it overnight or even a couple days! Wipe off any excess oil with a dry cloth after. It’s as easy as can be!

Break in a new glove using rubber bands

Photo Credit: Molly Wagoner/Demand Media