Brush Off Excess Paint with a Rubber Band

Painting is a dirty and expensive task. If only all of us could hire professionals to avoid dealing with the mess. Unfortunately, the cost of paint alone is enough to drive plenty of us to tackle this task ourselves.

To minimize the mess, we brush off excess paint before applying it. Most of us use the edge of the can to do this, but this can get messy, causing the paint to drip over the edge little by little. Before we know it, we have a paint-covered paint can.

However, thanks to the crafty use of a rubber band, this does not have to be the case.

After opening a fresh can of paint, stretch a rubber band across its center. Each time you dip your brush into the paint, slide it against the rubber band. The paint will drip across the rubber band and back into the can, thus minimizing the mess.

Brush off excess paint with a rubber band

Photo via Guendolen Cone.

Try this the next time you paint and notice how much tidier your workspace is.


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