Celebrating Latex Free Rubber Bands

Erasers. Swim Caps. Balloons. Rubber Bands. They all have something in common. It’s called Latex and in some cases it can cause allergic reactions. Latex Allergy Awareness Week is observed nationally each October.  Believe it or not, 8-17% of healthcare workers, up to 68% of children with spina bifida, those who have had or will have multiple surgeries are all at risk. Overall, about three million people could potentially develop allergies from exposure to latex products.

latexfreeFortunately, more latex free items are being offered, such as rubber bands.

While most people might not know it, you can now purchase Latex Free Rubber Bands. That way, you can utilize rubber bands for all the neat projects you want without fear of itching, breaking out, or going into shock. The American Latex Allergy Association (A.L.E.R.T., Inc.) is a national, nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to create awareness of latex allergy through education and to provide support to individuals who have been diagnosed with latex allergy. For more information on latex allergies, please visit as Latex Allergy Awareness Week approaches to learn about the other latex allergy educational materials and programs available during that week.

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