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Direct Mail and Commercial Print Services Remain Popular in 2022


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A person simply has to take a look around to see that commercial print and direct mail services are in high demand. From the additional social distancing signage that popped up everywhere last year to the huge increase in online ordering, the global commercial printing market size reached $750 Billion in 2021.  Steady interest in commercial printing shows that the industry is still booming. In fact, there are currently more than 25,000 U.S. companies that specialize in commercial printing alone.

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The Power of Print Ads in Political Campaigns


Upcoming elections will provide additional opportunities as campaign activities rely heavily on the use of door hangs, flyers, signage, and promotional products to reach the public now that face-to-face meetings have declined. There is another thing to consider. The world of digital advertising is loud. The average voter is inundated with thousands of advertisements per day, everywhere from their email inbox to their social media feeds. People are so accustomed to this digital advertising noise that it can make these advertisements easy to ignore. Print advertising cuts through the digital noise.

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Captivate Audiences with Direct Mail Campaigns

Direct Mail campaigns are relatively inexpensive and are a great way for companies to keep their image and services in the public eye. The conventional practice for many direct mail campaigns is to send the exact same message to a potential customer multiple times over the course of a year. A recent poll of 1,250 U.S. consumers underlined the ongoing problem with online or digital promotions failing to capture people’s attention, with print-based ads garnering increased consumer attention.

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Sustainable Packaging – A Popular Choice with Consumers

Additionally, the widespread use of high-quality printed packaging material for advertising and branding acts as another major growth-inducing factor for the Commercial Print Industry. Consumer demand for sustainable packaging is increasing. In fact, 74% of consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging and some even avoid purchasing anything packaged in non-recyclable materials. That means, companies are searching for new types of sustainable packaging for their products and that opens up opportunities for new business for those who offer it.

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Growth Opportunities Despite Ongoing Challenges


According to a recent article published by Printing Impressions, “In talking with key commercial, direct mail, and book printing players, many signals point to across-the-board market growth opportunities within all segments, despite the ongoing paper, labor, and general supply chain shortages impacting the entire printing industry, coupled with headwinds from the high inflation rates currently permeating throughout the general U.S. economy.”

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