How Brites® Can Set the Stage for a Bright School Year

It’s that time of the year for back-to-school shopping. You may have already read countless articles informing you on how to stay organized. We read one such article from RNG International’s blog. We’re partial to the author’s tip about keeping note cards organized!
And of course school supplies need to be functional, but it’s also extra fun to select products that will get the job done while looking good too. We wanted to simplify things and let you know how our Brites® product line can be a bright spot this semester!


1. Brites® Pic Pac

Need to wrap multiple items for different classes, sports, etc.? Color-code them! Want to categorize items based on class period? Use the rainbow!

Also, use these spunkier than usual bands to secure items in your child’s lunch.

2. Brites® File Bands

Take the same approach with larger objects! File folders, projects, printouts and more can be banded together using File Bands.

Need to keep your book shut? A file band wrapped around it will keep it closed.

3. Corner to Corner

Is there a class in which you will be taking a lot of notes? Your binder will be filled to the brim in no time. You’ll want the Corner to Corner band in your corner this semester!