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Alliance Rubber Company Partnering with Canadian Manufacturer to Create 10 Million Reusable Face Shields

These reusable face shields will go to healthcare providers and essential workers across Canada.

[Hot Springs, Ark, May 2020] – Alliance Rubber Company is pleased to announce their partnership with a Canadian manufacturer to create 10 million reusable face shields. Public Services and Procurement Canada, working on behalf of the Government of Canada, awarded the contract to manufacture 10 million units of its reusable face shields for healthcare providers and essential workers across Canada by August 2020.

As the world continues to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, a critical shortage of medical equipment still exists. Which is why the Canadian government placed such a significant investment into ensuring that those on the front line have the resources they need. However, both existing and new PPE manufacturers are experiencing issues within the supply chain that have led to a shortage of elastic that was commonly used for face masks.

Alliance Rubber Company is proud to be among the many manufacturers across the world to engage in a massive pivot in response to the escalating pandemic. This means relying heavily on technology to quickly manufacture products to fulfill necessities such as face shields and the components that go into making them. This response has required that Alliance ramp up production and adjust manufacturing operations to create an abundance of non-latex rubber bands and strips to answer the shortage of elastic.

While, initially, Alliance only planned on this being a short-term pivot, they foresee demand for these products to last long beyond the COVID-19 outbreak as manufacturers are enjoying the benefits of purchasing reusable products made from rapidly-renewable, domestic sources.

Product Availability

Non-Latex Rubber Strips are ideal for personal protective equipment (PPE) such as medical masks, face shields, and ventilators. Each strip is made from synthetic rubber and helps to hold masks in place while being worn. These can either be looped behind ears or tied behind the head. The strips are suitable for all kinds of masks being used by medical staff in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

  • High Rubber Content
  • Available in bright colors for easy identification
  • Excellent band count per pound
  • Soft stretch to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Can be sterilized using autoclave and irradiation

Not made with natural rubber latex.
Made in a facility where latex products are produced.

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