No Shuck Oysters

Have you ever tried to shuck an oyster? If you have, then you’ll know that trying to pry open an oyster can be quite difficult. Not to mention – dangerous! It’s especially dangerous for an inexperienced shucker. Misplacement of the knife can cause you to accidentally slip and cut yourself.
If you’re determined to learn this how to do this on your own, check out this amazing tutorial from
However, if shucking oysters is not for you, I have great news. A new development known as high-pressure processing, or HPP, produces an oyster that can be consumed without the need to shuck! This cold-pasteurization method sprays the oyster with cold, purified water pressurized to 65,000 pounds per square inch. The process destroys potentially deadly pathogens and yet it does not alter the texture or taste. Another benefit is that these No Shuck Oysters also end up with an extended shelf life compared to the non-HPP oyster.
But how does this process create an oyster that is consumable without the need to force the shell open? Well, whenever the oyster is being showered with pressurized water the oyster detaches from the shell.
Did we mention that the oyster is being held together with a rubber band? 
After the process is complete, all you have to do is cut the band. The shell will then slowly open all on its own! This means no more puncture wounds or shell breakage.
Our Oyster Banding Machine is a key element in this process. Similar to the Lobster Banding Machine, the Oyster Banding Machine features a larger band opening to accommodate the larger oyster shell.
  • Consistent application which allows for a greater amount of seafood sent to market
  • Ensures the best flavors and juices are sealed inside during High Pressure Processing (HPP)
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