Reusable Packaging

With the rising trend of eco-friendly packaging, manufacturers are reimagining how they package their products by aiming to eliminate single-use plastics in their packaging. According to an article from NRDC, “a whopping 91 percent of all plastic isn’t recycled at all.” That statistic seems glaring, but an alternative to single-use plastic packaging is the use of reusable and sustainable products.   With so many uses and benefits, it’s no surprise that rubber bands are gaining in popularity as the choice of manufacturers looking for sustainable product packaging. 

Reusable packaging

The Benefits of Reusable Packaging

According to an article by, 30% of approximately 80 million tons of single-use plastic packaging produced every year goes into the ocean. That’s 24 million tons in the ocean that could be eliminated if manufacturers chose other earth-friendly packaging options. One major contributing factor to this type of plastic waste ending up in the ocean is that it has no reusability. Once it’s removed from the package there is no further benefit to the individual. That’s why rubber bands are a great alternative! They’re versatile tools that can be useful in just about every area of daily life.  They can be reused time and again. Therefore, the long lifespan of a rubber band is a benefit – not a drawback. 

Each time a packaging item is reused it significantly reduces its carbon footprint. That means, utilizing rubber bands can not only drastically reduce the amount of waste in the ocean, but can also reduce the carbon footprint created from the implementation of single-use plastics in packaging.   

Additionally, rubber bands are made from latex – a rapidly renewable resource. Latex is harvested from rubber trees much in the same way as maple syrup is harvested from maple trees. A small wedge is cut into the bark causing the latex to ooze out into an attached container. On average, one rubber tree yields 19 pounds of rubber latex annually. 

Uses of Rubber Bands in Packaging 

Rubber bands provide a multitude of unique applications when used in product packaging.  First, rubber bands can be used to secure the product.  This ensures that the items make it to the shelf looking their best.  Some prominent examples of this can include household goods (such as mop heads), bundles of produce, or health and beauty products. The product will be kept in place and be ready for its end-user.  

Next, rubber bands can be used to create a high-end look and feel.  An example of this would be bento lunchboxes.  The band gives the lunchboxes a sleek look, while also keeping the lid tightly shut.  

Lastly, rubber bands with imprints can be used to bundle items for special promotions.   Some examples of this could include a hat/t-shirt combo or a shampoo/conditioner combo.  Since rubber bands can be printed on, a brand can easily create unique packaging while also promoting the use of reusable packaging.  



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