Rubber Bands: “Your Best Bet”

Playing cards with the family can be a lot of fun. It is easy, however, to misplace or lose a card box. Sometimes, boxes just deteriorate with use and time and you end up holding a deck of cards with no way to secure them.

Looking for an economical, easy way to keep your playing cards together? Reach for a rubber band.  You are going to find them versatile and near perfect for these types of projects.

Rubber bandsOdds are, when you come across a deck of cards, they will already be wrapped with a rubber band–anyway. That is also very true with the sets of cards found inside board games.

The reason for this is that rubber bands prevent game pieces “from sloshing around” in game boxes and they secure cards neatly. If you plan to utilize this option for long-term storage, remember to refresh your rubber bands to safeguard what may be thin cardstock paper.  Whether you’re playing solitaire or your favorite board game with the family, rubber bands remain one of your best bets for storage.

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