Scented Bands Pass the Test

Being a student at any level of school can be tough, especially come test day. When it’s time to recall a fact or statistic from the vast pool of information studied, it can be a lot of pressure. If only there were an aid that could help trigger your star student’s memory.
That is when our Peppermint Whiffers® Study Aid comes in handy!

Scented bands

Have your scholar prepare for the next big test while wearing our Peppermint Whiffers® Study Aid band. The sense of smell is proven to be the strongest in sparking memories. Be sure your student wears it only while studying for the test.

When the time comes to take the test, have him/her wear the wristband again. You may be surprised by how much your scholar will be able to recall.

What other study aids have you used? Feel free to tell us!

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