Serving On The Watchtower: Rubber Bands

If you have ever shared a living space, then you’ve probably searched for ways to secure your bedroom or private areas. Tim L. of Washington submitted the featured photograph and the following suggestion. He says, “When I was a kid I used to take a rubber band and wrap it around the door knob on my bedroom door.”

WatchtowerThat simple procedure would tell him if any of his sisters “had been snooping around” while he was gone.

For this to work, Tim says, you must first ”close the door with the rubber band installed… If someone opens the door, the rubber band will snap off of the latch.”

Because this is a quiet process, the person will never see or hear that your door was rigged.

This method is probably one of the best ways to get an indicator as to if your door was opened while you were gone.

The key is remembering to check the knob when you get home, something that’s now second nature to Tim. This same technique, he says, could work if you have roommates or visiting guests.

We’d like to thank Tim for his inventive idea!! Be sure to comment on this blog and other posts. We look forward to hearing from you!