Snoopy Loops EPDM Bands for Cave Diving

What are "Snoopy Loops?"

Snoopy Loops are EPDM rubber bands that are widely used by the cave diving and technical diving communities.

They were originally given the name by Dave Morris, a Cave Diving Group caver who noticed how they “snooped” around boulders while using them. 

How are Snoopy Loops used by the cave diving and technical diving communities?

A quick search on the message boards of these online communities will return a wide range of uses such as:

  • securing the LP inflator hose against the corrugated inflator hose
  • holding excess webbing in place on the harness
  • limiting movement of backup lights on shoulder D-rings or waistbands with a bolt snap
  • securing tools attached to shoulder straps
  • sealing cuffs of oversuits and collars of boots against the ingress of water
  • holding kneepads and elbow pads in place
  • securing dive lines to small rocks
  • administering first aid (in the event that an injured joint needs to be strapped tightly in place)

Essentially, these rubber loops enable divers to limit damage to their gear (which tends to float freely underwater). When gear is not secure, it can cause the diver to get caught or hung up in tight spaces. Additionally, such as in the case of backup lights, it can be difficult to keep gear in a specific position. Other, more specific uses include: holding HP hoses to bottles, as a replacement strap on masks and fins, fixing the HP gauge near the tap, holding gear on the diver’s arms, line belays, tagging, and even emergency hair ties! In fact, when asked, “What do you use your Snoopy Loops for?” one diver replied with: 

“Everything! There are 1001 uses in both caving and diving scenarios.”

Why are Snoopy Loops made of EPDM rubber?

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) is considered a premier all-weather compound. It is a much more durable and long-lasting rubber compound and is the perfect choice for heavy-duty usage such as cave diving. These bands will withstand the test of time and diving environments with their resistance to temperature, salt, chlorine, and anything else a diving environment has to offer. In fact, many divers claim to use the same Snoopy Loop for years before a replacement is necessary. 

What sizes of Snoopy Loops are the most useful?

Obviously, to determine the most useful size, you first have to understand the application. However, the most popular sizes based on the most popular uses can be found below:

2″ flat length by 1/2″ cut width
Often referred to as “retainer bands” these are commonly used to secure hoses and loose harness webbing ends

2-1/2″ flat length by 1/2″ cut width
Securing low-pressure inflator hoses together with the oval-shaped corrugated hose

7-10″ flat length by 1″ cut width
Securing stow hoses against sling or side-mount cylinders 

Want to learn more about Snoopy Loops manufactured in the USA?

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