Tips for Hanging Flyers

Hanging flyers and posters is a great way to spread the word about events, report lost pets and more. However, many poles are made of aluminum or steel, which are impossible to staple. Taping the signs presents a problem because a strong gust of wind can easily send the flyer… well, flying.

The solution? Depending on the size of the pole, a rubber band and a paper clip will keep your poster in place.

Just follow this three-step process:

  1. Loop the rubber band into one end of the paper clip.
  2. Stretch the rubber band around the pole. Then loop it into the other end of the paper clip.
  3. Slip the flyer into the rubber band’s tight embrace of the pole.

Ta-da! Put away your stapler and tape. Rubber bands and paper clips are all you need.

Hanging flyers