Turn a rubber band into a Smartphone bumper

SmartphoneAlthough Smartphones are made to look solid and well-built, unless you’re extremely careful or you just don’t care about your phone, it’s a good idea to keep it protected. However, a quick stroll through your local electronics store will be nothing short of overwhelming. There are hundreds of cases to choose from, varying in color, size and price. Most users are forced to sacrifice weight and looks for protection. They end up with phone so well protected……they can’t even remove it from their pocket.

There’s an easier less expensive way to add some protection to your phone. Wrap it in a rubber “bumper.” Take a simple rubber band that you probably have sitting in a junk drawer. It’s a pretty clear-cut project: stretch a wristband around the edge of your phone and presto, you’re done. If you’re handy with an X-Acto knife, you can cut holes for the headphone jack, mute switch, dock connector, and so on. Neon colors look the best.

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