Vote for the Eraselet in Walmart’s ‘Get on the Shelf’ Competition

Eraselet, a product manufactured by us for entrepreneurs Brian and Kimberly Ricci, has made it past the first round of Walmart’s “Get on the Shelf” contest. The competition, started last year, encourages inventors, entrepeneurs and small businesses from across the county to compete for a spot on the shelves of Walmart stores.

Walmart is having a contest called “Get on the Shelf.” This competition features products competing for a spot on their stores. The Eraselet has emerged as our favorite entrant.

Here is the Eraselet entry for the “Get on the Shelf” contest. It’s by far our favorite entrant!

Vote for the eraselet in walmart get on the shelf competition

The Eraselet is perfect for creating a fun learning environment for children. Wearing a wristband that is also an eraser adds an exciting element to a child’s writing. Not to mention the ease of having an eraser right on your wrist – no more searching for that lost eraser!

Help us get Eraselet on the shelves of Walmart!

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