300V-II ProTape® Dispenser

300V-II ProTape® Dispenser

The best packaging for fresh produce gives the best first impression to your customers. Fresh produce and floral packaging becomes hassle-free with any of our ProTape® dispensers. We offer several different dispensers to accommodate a wide range of product – from bananas to green onions and floral bouquets. Easier bundling means fresher, more attractive produce, giving your customers more reasons to buy. These dispensers streamline your normal wrapping procedure, allowing you to dispense, wrap, and cut any length of tape. By eliminating unnecessary steps, your harvest operations run smoother, faster, and more efficiently, resulting in fresher product on the shelf.

The 300V-II ProTape® dispenser allows for easy handling and cutting of ProTape® in manual applications. It is lightweight, durable and versatile. The 300V-II is our most popular dispenser and can accommodate both large and small bundles. The economical 300V-II ProTape® Dispenser features an application plate to measure, cut, and apply ProTape® to asparagus, spinach, leafy lettuces, green onions, and other fresh vegetables. The platform and cutting blade apparatus combo make it easy to use either the flag style or the bandage style closing technique. The choice is yours!

300V-II ProTape® Dispenser:
• Lightweight for easy manual operation
• Durable enough to use in the field
• Application plate to handle a wide variety of bundle sizes


produce packaging

In The Field

For Green Grocers
organic produce packaging

For Organic Produce
Lightweight construction makes the 300V-II a great option for bundling in the field. Additionally, the waterproof feature of ProTape® means your produce bundles will withstand the entire harvest, washing, and packing process. ProTape® sticks only to itself and easily opens and reseals. Making or repairing bundles at the store level is a breeze! No matter which dispenser you choose – you can by measure, wrap, and bundle with ease. Reduce incorrect ring-ups at the register with highly visible packaging calling out Organic Produce status or create a custom ProTape® design with a specific barcode to eliminate confusion at checkout.


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