Floral Tape

waterproof floral tapeAlliance proudly offers several options of Waterproof Floral Tape.  These specialty tapes are designed for bundling floral and ornamental plants as well as securing delicate stems when they require additional support.

All Floral Tape, including our Orchid Tape, is waterproof and can even be applied to bundles or arrangements that are wet. One unique feature of ProTape® is that it can be opened and resealed time and again without losing effectiveness. Additionally, ProTape® does not adhere to other surfaces (such as stems or leaves); it sticks only to itself. ProTape® is available in Standard or Custom designs.

Our Floral Tape:

  • Is waterproof
  • Secures delicate branches or large bundles with ease
  • Is available in various sizes and colors
Standard ProTape

Standard ProTape®
Custom ProTape

Custom ProTape®
Orchid Tape

Orchid Tape
Standard ProTape® is available in plain transparent, red, and purple. We also offer Standard ProTape® with an “organically grown” imprint in two different color variations.


Custom ProTape® includes a scannable barcode for ease at checkout and can also include your name and/or logo to enhance the quality of your branded items.




Orchid Tape is another waterproof option when it becomes necessary to secure delicate stems without altering the overall look. This specialty tape was designed for the delicate wiring techniques used to support Cymbidium, Cattleya, and Japhet Orchids. However, this tape can be used on any type of flower or ornamental plant whenever you need a non-distracting yet secure hold. This translucent tape is available in green and brown.


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