Oyster banding machine

Oyster Banding Machine


Lobster Banding Machine

The Oyster Banding Machine by Alliance Rubber Company automates oyster banding previously done by hand. Manufactured in the United States, this machine is a practical and efficient tool for sealing oysters inside their shell for further processing.

During operation, Alliance’s Sterling® grade rubber tubing is fed through the back of the machine and cut into half-inch oyster bands. The internal mechanism grabs the band, stretches, and then presents an open band. Once the oyster is placed through the band opening, the band detaches from the mechanism, fully enclosing the oyster to keep the original flavor and juices sealed inside the shell (even during high-pressure processing).

The Oyster Banding Machine provides consistent application which, in turn, allows for a greater amount of seafood sent to market.

Lobster Banding Machine

  • Compact dimensions designed to not get in your way
  • Precision machined components designed to endure a fresh water, wash-down environment
  • Internal computerized parts are protected in a sealed plastic compartment
  • Modular design for ease in troubleshooting and part replacement
  • Operates with 120 VAC, 24 VDC or 12 VDC power sources
  • Requires a compressed air source that can supply 0.5 CFM at 100 PSI