Standard Imprinted PLU Bands

Standard Imprinted PLU Bands

plu bands
Our standard Imprinted PLU Bands offer you the ability to label your item with country of origin and PLU number. This allows for easy reference at checkout.

Our produce and floral products:

  • Meet all FDA requirements for direct food contact
  • Are waterproof
  • Will never leave brown water spots or rust stains
  • Will not cut into your tender items
  • Allow consumers to see and touch the product



Item #SizeCount/lbPrintColorsCommodity
828024-08027363400Asparagus #4080 Produce of USAPurple/BlackUSA Asparagus
827024-408072363400Produce of USA #4080Blue/BlackUSA Asparagus
827024-408076163400Produce of Mexico #4080Blue/BlackMexico Asparagus
828024-408033263400Produce of Mexico #4080Purple/WhiteMexico Asparagus
815024-07307273280Organically Grown Produce of USAYellow/BlackOrganically Grown
820124-9408042173300Organic Asparagus #94080 Produce of USAWhite/GreenOrganic Asparagus
826024-940704373300Organic Celery #94070 Produce of USAWhite/GreenOrganic Celery
827016-940804373300Organic Asparagus #94080 Produce of USAGreem/GreenOrganic Asparagus
827016-07107681350Produce of USA #4060Blue/BlackUSA Broccoli
827016-07107381350Produce of USA #4060Blue/BlackUSA Broccoli
820116-08344381350Organic Broccoli #94060 Produce of USAWhite/GreenOrganic Broccoli
828016-23457381350Organically Grown Produce of USAPurple/BlackOrganically Grown
827016-406076181350Produce of Mexico #4060Blue/BlackMexico Broccoli

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Alliance Rubber Company is a family-owned business with humble beginnings that has grown into a thriving American success story. Since 1923, Alliance Rubber has proudly produced rubber bands for use in the home and workplace. Continuing to manufacture its products in the USA, enables Alliance to provide high-quality products, fast service, and fresh stock that is built to last. Alliance Rubber, a women-owned company, manufactures bands that ‘Hold Your World Together.’

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