Thrift store bands

Thrift Store Bands

Thrift stores, vintage clothing stores, and resale shops are more popular than ever. We understand that retailers in this industry have very unique needs. From rubber bands to bundle shoes to oversized rubber bands to secure liners to bins – we’ve got you covered!
Alliance offers a large array of standard sizes and colors that will help you solve critical problems within your storage and inventory system – while reducing energy, waste, and cost. Our Thrift Store Bands are preferred among retailers because they are a reusable, eco-friendly, and versatile tool that’s price sensitive and incredibly useful across all departments.
  • Strong bands with a tight hold
  • Price sensitive to meet your budget
  • Available in various sizes, colors, and assortments
  • Reusable with dependable strength
Jumbo Bands
Our Jumbo assortment contains a variety of overruns, factory seconds, and sample rubber bands. Each package contains a unique variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. Rather than being discarded, we offer this assortment at a deeply discounted rate.
Global Rubber Bands are designed with the lowest amount of rubber content to be our most price competitive band. They offer a thick wall with a tight stretch.
#64 Advantage
Our #64 Advantage Rubber Bands (3.5″ x 1/5″) are the most popular product for use in Thrift Stores, Vintage Clothing Stores, Resale Shops, and Consignment Boutiques. They’re most widely used for bundling and organizing shoes because of the higher tensile strength which creates a good, firm stretch.
Red Packer Bands Bands
Red Packer Bands are wonderful for a variety of uses such as holding down box flaps or securing liners to bins and containers. They are available in a wide range of sizes to tackle just about any job – large or small.
#30 Blue Sterling
With a smaller flat length than the #64 bands, these #30 Blue Sterling Bands (2″ x 1/8″) are great for bundling small items such as notecards or knick-knacks.
Yellow Non-Latex®
Our Yellow Non-Latex® Bands are highly visible, available in a wide range of sizes, and because they are made from our synthetic rubber compound these bands are ideal for environments where latex allergy reactions might be a concern.