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Where To Buy Rubber Bands & Other Products

Founded in 1923, Alliance Rubber Company is family-owned and dedicated to providing the best organizational tools at the best value. More than 94% of our sales are of American-made products, and products we make comply with standards for Buy American set-asides in conjunction with U.S. government purchases.

Alliance Rubber Company Consumer Products

Our selection of consumer products includes:

  • Standard Rubber Bands
  • Non-Latex Rubber Bands
  • Oversized Bands
  • Wrapz™ & Strapz™
  • Brites®
  • Slip-On Grip™
  • X-treme EPDM File Bands™
  • Advantage® Retail
  • Tie-Dye Rubber Bands
  • STRAC Pack™
  • Exercise Bands

If you wish to purchase in bulk, Alliance products are available at competitive prices through our network of independent dealers and distributors. While not all products may be available at every dealer, they can order products that they do not regularly stock.