2021 Summer Surge in Travel and Events


Expect a 2021 summer surge in travel and events as restrictions are lifted. People are eager to get out and socialize again which is increasing demand across a wide range of industries such as Gift, Novelty, and Hobby Crafts.

According to data from the Transportation Security Administration, more than two million people have passed through U.S. airports each day since the start of the year. That’s roughly three and a half times more than we saw in 2020 – and it’s a great sign that business will continue to thrive through the end of the year.

Travelers, outdoor enthusiasts, summer camps, and event attendees will find these items to be very useful for this 2021 summer surge in travel and events


2021 summer surge in travel and events

Rubber Bands for Magic Tricks

#19 Non-Latex Bands (in a variety of colors) are the most popular for Magic Tricks. You can find #19 Rubber Bands as well as other sizes and colors in the Brites® Pic-Pac.

Rubber Bands Guns

#32 Advantage Rubber Bands are the top seller for old-fashioned rubber band guns in gift shops.

Rubber Band Helicopters

#33 Advantage Rubber Bands are most popular in hobby stores for rubber band helicopters and airplanes.

Beach Towel Bands

#12 SuperSize Bands are perfect for securing towels (and other gear) on windy days or whenever you’re traveling. These Beach Towel Rubber Bands are easy to apply and help keep your items organized and safe, so you can be free to enjoy your time on vacation!

Road Trip Rubber Bands

12”, 14”, and 17” SuperSize Bands are perfect for organizing gear. They are big enough to secure sleeping bags, tents, and coolers when you’re on the go. Plus, they’re reusable so you can rely on them time and again.

Tie-Dye Rubber Bands

Create t-shirts, tote bags, crafts, and more with this special selection of assorted sizes and colors – made specifically for tie-dying!

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