A Rubber Band On The Hand

A rubber band on the handFrom typing to crafts to pulling that little piece of hair back from your face, we utilize our fingers for an unlimited number of tasks. While it’s fun to immerse our hands in daily projects, all that pecking, grabbing, and bending creates little stresses that sometimes lead to bigger challenges…like carpal tunnel.

This is why we need a few rubber bands in easy to locate places. A few on the spot exercises can sure help stretch your fingers, build resistance, and strengthen your muscles. They also provide good therapy for those who already suffer with various aches and pains.

If your fingers need some rehab, simply wrap a rubber band around the top of your fingers. Bring your fingertips together. Then open your fingers to get them as far away from each other as possible. The rubber band will help to provide resistance. Bring your fingertips slowly back toward each other, stopping while the band is still taut. Doing this exercise again and again can lead to many things, such as less pain and more strength.

Keep a rubber band with you and practice these exercises in your free time. You’ll enjoy adjusting the tension to your preferences, knowing that you can add and take away bands at your leisure.

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