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  1. EPDM Automotive Applications

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    EPDM Automotive applications are the fastest-growing among other popular segments such as building & construction, wire & cables, lubricant additive, and plastic modification. EPDM (a synthetic rubber) is most commonly utilized in vehicle weather stripping, seals, sealant, wire and cable harnesses, and brake systems. This is thanks to its flexibility, resiliency, and weatherability.

  2. The Pandemic and The Floral Boom

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    The pandemic created a perfect storm for a floral boom. Most people were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in one way or another.  The days where you could go outside and enjoy the sun without having to worry about what might happen were gone.  Days turned dreary and consumers were looking for something to spark joy –  flowers.  This led to an increase in demand for floral products.

    Why Floral?

    For many, before the pandemic COVID-19 hit, floral was a symbol of happiness and hope.  Many people fell into a slump during quarantine and sought out ways to lift their spirits. As a result, any consumers bought flowers as a way to bring happiness to this unforeseen situation.   Nearly 70% of the American population purchased flowers during the pandemic and will continue to do so in 2021.  Finding ways to adopt flowers and floral into your marketing mix is the perfect way to reach the consumer post-pandemic.

    How to Catch the Consumer’s Eye

    The way consumers shop has changed exponentially since last March.  It is important for a product to catch the consumer’s eye, especially with the ever-changing retail landscape.  Consider these options:

    • Give the background of the flower
      • A new trend in the retail landscape is to know the background of the product. Consumers want to know who grew the plant they were buying.  They want to know the story of the product and be conscious of all aspects of their purchasing decision.
        • Brand-It™ Hang Tags gives you the ability to add your name, logo, and product background to enhance the quality of your branded item.
    • Provide all necessary information
      • Since consumers are more conscious of their purchasing decisions, provide all the necessary information on how to take care of the product and the benefits of owning the flower. One key benefit could be better air quality in the environment the plant is located in.
        • ProTape® includes a scannable barcode for ease at checkout and can also include your name and/or logo to enhance the quality of your branded items.
    • Implement sustainable packaging
      • A growing trend, not specific to the floral industry, is sustainability. Consumers want to know how the product they are buying will affect the environment they and others close to them are in.  Some ways to ensure the product being sold is sustainable is by implementing recyclable and environmentally friendly packaging.
    • Sell online
      • Post-pandemic, more and more consumers have shifted to shopping online. Providing an e-commerce platform or the use of social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook would be beneficial to see a boost in customer reach and sales. The use of social media will allow users and customers to share their experiences about the product being sold.


    If you’re interested in learning more about our floral products that will help you catch the consumer’s eye, please visit our Produce & Floral Products Page. Want to speak to someone about these products? Fill out our contact form and someone will be in touch!
  3. Earth-Friendly Rubber Bands

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    Did you know that rubber bands are made from a natural, renewable and biodegradable resource, making them sustainable and eco-friendly?

    It’s true – rubber bands are better for the earth than many other items commonly used for bundling or packaging.

  4. 2021 Summer Surge in Travel and Events

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    Expect a 2021 summer surge in travel and events as restrictions are lifted. People are eager to get out and socialize again which is increasing demand across a wide range of industries such as Gift, Novelty, and Hobby Crafts.

    According to data from the Transportation Security Administration, more than two million people have passed through U.S. airports each day since the start of the year. That’s roughly three and a half times more than we saw in 2020 – and it’s a great sign that business will continue to thrive through the end of the year.

    Travelers, outdoor enthusiasts, summer camps, and event attendees will find these items to be very useful for this 2021 summer surge in travel and events


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