Corner to Corner bands are a new essential for your student

School is already back in session for some and right around the corner for everyone else. This means that the annual “back-to-school shopping list” is well underway. Don’t send your scholar back to school without a Corner to Corner band for each notebook.

Corner to corner bands

Every binder begins the semester completely empty. However, once that syllabus is handed out, notebooks fill up quickly. With exams that can cover anything discussed in class, the pressure is on for your student to keep track of each and every note.

That’s where the Corner to Corner band comes in handy. Simply stretching this rubber band across each corner will keep the binder’s contents together.

This solves a number of obstacles for students. They no longer must carry a notebook a certain way, or hold their breath if they drop their notebook. Also, bringing a second binder to class to keep the extra notes is no longer necessary.

The Corner to Corner band is certain to help out countless binder-stuffing students across the country.

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