DIY Pop-Up Cube Using Rubber Bands

Creating your own pop-up cube at home is fun and easy. You can slide these flattened cubes into greeting cards, letters, or gifts, and the recipient will gasp in surprise when the pop-up cubes jump out.

Decorate your cubes with stickers, photos, or special notes. Add one big pop-up cube or dozens of small cubes to leave a lasting impression. The possibilities are endless!

Diy pop-up cube

Here is a list of the items you will need:

The size of the rubber band will depend on the size of the cube you want to make. For this tutorial, the end result is a cube that is approximately 1.75” on each side. The flat length of the rubber band you choose will need to be slightly bigger than the measurement of one side of your cube. You can always tie two rubber bands together if you don’t have one big enough.

Find the official Rubber Band Size Chart here.