Find Time For…Rubber Band Games

On Labor Day Weekend, it is normal to reflect on things like the economy and the job market. This Monday, whether we pack up and donate extra belongings, go shopping, or gather with friends and family, we say goodbye to summer and welcome the approaching fall, thankful for our many blessings.

Rubber band gamesEven with all that we pack into a weekend, Labor Day would not be the same without a few fun and games. Although you may not realize it, rubber bands give us a lot of interesting options. So, be sure to find time for a few playtime activities.

Is it raining where you are? Take a look at the board games around your house, which most likely have a rubber band somewhere inside the box or even around the box, holding it together.

Weather good where you are? How about a game of “shoot the rubber band.” It’s easy to play. Simply stack several cups or cans into a triangle (like you see in our picture). Grab a few rubber bands and have each player take turns shooting them.  For even more thrills, give each player a time limit.

Even on Labor Day, rubber bands bring an element of excitement to our lives — limited only by our ability to have fun.

This holiday weekend, grab a few friends, a few rubber bands, and enjoy! While you are at it, be sure to take a moment to comment on our blog.

Alliance Rubber Company would like to know… how do use rubber bands during the holidays? Share your ideas and comments. We’d like to thank Shawn, the winner from our August 31st blog post. He will receive a free prize pack and Bandology T-shirt.

Thank you for being here and participating in our “Stretch the Limits of Alliance Rubber Bands” contest!!  Remember to comment below!


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