How We Made a Difference in a Histologist’s Life

Making your life easier and more organized is our goal with each product we manufacture.

We were thrilled to learn we met both objectives with Brent Adams of Lafayette, Louisiana.

Mr. Adams shared how Latex Free Bands hold his laboratory together!

Dear Alliance rubber,

It is rare that I send a letter or email but I choose to do it when the product is outstanding in its field.

I work in a laboratory and have worked in histology for over 15 years using rubber bands constantly to contain slides in file folders. In the last three years of using your product, I have had only one rubber band fail and snap my hand while assembling file folders. With other brands that was a recurring problem and believe me it would get very painful.

I will not let purchasing buy any other brand. Just thought you should know and attached a picture using your brand. Please let everyone who makes this product available know that I appreciate the hard work they do.


Brent D. Adams BSA, LPN, HT


(*Please note that these are Mr. Adams’ statements and do not represent Acadiana Gastroenterology Assoc. LLC or any of its Partners or employees*)

How we made a difference in a histologist life