Looking Sharp With Rubber Band Waist Extenders

It’s some of the most surprising news.  The words, “You’re going to have a baby,” can change so much, especially your pant size.

Waist extendersIf you’re worried about upcoming bulges or trying to adjust to your post pregnancy baby figure, never fear. You can at least look sharp with the clothes you’ve got.

When it comes to fashion, keep this in mind. All you really need are a few rubber bands and a little ingenuity.

It’s not always a pregnancy, though, that makes the top button a little tight. That’s why rubber band waistband extenders are great. When your belly is a little bigger than your legs and you need your pants to fit, they can get the job done.

Whether you’ve got one on the way or just want to breathe easy while you sit, simply pull a rubber band through the buttonhole on your pants. Then, put that loop around the button. It’s that simple! This will also prevent a muffin top when you have jeans that fit everywhere, but the belly.

Choose different rubber band sizes, strengths, and colors to fit your wardrobe needs. Hopefully, this will help you; at least a little, in your postpartum period. Or, in any other instance you might need it.

We’d like to thank April L. of Utah, who submitted this rubber band use and picture for the  “Stretch the Limits of Alliance Rubber Bands” contest and congratulate Erica Wilson, this week’s blog comment winner.


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