Make Your Cut Flowers Last Longer! Step One: Rubber Bands

FlowersRoses, lilies, tulips and other popular flowers have long been a go-to gift for Valentine’s Day celebrations. If you were one of the many to receive a bouquet this Valentine’s Day, follow these steps to keep your arrangement alive and on display for as long as possible.

Secure with a rubber band: To keep your flowers together, wrap a rubber band around the stems before placing them in a vase. Alliance Rubber Standard Rubber Bands are the perfect choice for a sturdy and effective wrap.

Cut the bottom of the stems: To maximize the surface area for water intake, trim a couple inches off the stem at an angle. If possible, hold your flowers under running water while completing this step to limit excess air from entering the stems.

Wash your vase: Clean thoroughly with soap and warm water to remove germs and keep the display as clear as possible. If leaves fall into the water over time, take them out to avoid bacteria buildup.

Use the right water: Tap and distilled water are the way to go, while rainwater should be avoided. The significant amount of sodium can be detrimental to your flowers. Be sure to add water to the vase as needed and consider using a spray bottle to give your flowers an occasional mist.

Maintain optimum temperature: Flowers are very particular when it comes to climate. Direct sunlight and hot spaces can cause your flowers to wilt. Try to keep them in a cool, but not too cold, location.

Adhering to these steps will prolong the lives of your flowers, giving you a beautiful arrangement to admire for weeks. Order your rubber bands today to get started.