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Are you looking for the best private label products to sell online?

Private label products (a.k.a. white label products) have, for the first time in a decade, outpaced the sales growth of national brands. Moreover, online shopping is shaping up to be the next major merchandising opportunity for private label products.

Private labelling, white labelling… whatever you call it, the concept is essentially the same. However, there are a few distinctions (although it’s a very fine line).

A product sourced from a manufacturer and then sold exclusively under the retailer’s brand.  In doing so, you’re contracting with the manufacturer to produce a product to your specifications (such as custom colors, sizes, etc.)

Private label products are usually less expensive than national brands, and have the potential to bring in a large profit.


A product that’s created by a manufacturer for sale by many retailers. Each retailer is allowed to resell the product under its own name and branding.

By attaching their existing brand name, the retailer usually charges a premium on the product (even though the product is developed, controlled, and serviced by the manufacturer).

So, why is it that private label products are set to outpace national brands? According to NielsenIQ, “Private label sales are poised to accelerate after a disappointing 2020 thanks to continuing innovation, e-commerce potential and consumers’ growing willingness to try new brands.

More specifically, retailers and e-commerce stores typically own their online platforms which means they have more control over promotions and product placement from the start of the customer journey. Targeted promotions for specific product lines such as “back to school” promotions for store-branded stationery help to drive growth of owned brands.

"Back to School"

Speaking of stationery, it is one of the most popular categories for private label products. From envelopes to pencils and rubber bands, stationery products are a daily necessity which means increased brand loyalty and familiarity. On top of that, private label products for stationery are inexpensive and offer a low price-point.
best private label products to sell online

Hands-on Learning for K-12, College, and STEAM

Finding a niche market and starting small with your private label product is important.  As we already determined, stationery products are a big part of everyday life which makes them a great place to start. Not only could you offer these items directly to the consumer (or end-user), but you could also offer them to your niche market in bulk. From K-12 public schools to private universities and colleges, stationery products are in high-demand. Consider cross-promotions to educators in STEAM programs which boast your private label stationery items as tools for “hands-on learning.” Find your niche and unique selling point and build your own private label business from there.

Once you’ve decided to sell private label products online, it’s important to find a reliable private label manufacturer to partner with. While most people would assume that it’s a very complex and difficult process, it’s not. You just need to know where to look and what to avoid.

One trustworthy method is to use a suppliers’ directory. Thomasnet is one of the most trusted directories you can find. They’ve been the go-to resource for supplier discovery and product sourcing in the US and Canada for over 120 years. This free resource allows you to search for manufacturers by product and location. They also offer incredible insights into the industry with actionable information, ideas, and news that can help you thrive in the evolving digital industrial economy.

Want to learn more about partnering with Alliance Rubber Company for your own private label product? Check out our Private Label Manufacturing page.  If you know you’re ready to partner with a private label manufacturer of packaging or stationery products – take the next step and fill out our contact form. Someone will be in contact with you as soon as possible!


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