Rubber Bands Can Serve As Your Reminder

There are multiple ways you can remind yourself to do something. You can say to your co-worker, “Don’t let me forget _______.” You can write it on paper and even make a note in your phone. However, if your co-worker forgets or you do not glance at your note, what happens? You forget. Thanks to a rubber band, perhaps you can forget no more.


Wrap a rubber band around something that you never wrap a rubber band around such as one of your fingers, phone, car keys, etc. If you need to remember to grab something before you leave, noticing a rubber band around your pinky could help trigger your memory.


This is especially helpful if you wrap it around something you cannot physically leave without, such as your car keys. Think about it: Who puts a rubber band around their car keys? Not many people will nonchalantly remove the rubber band from their keys without giving a second thought as to why it’s wrapped around them in the first place.

How do you remind yourself to do something? Have you used a similar trick before? Let us know!


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