Rubber Bands Keep Your Crock Pot in Tact

Potlucks are fun occasions for many reasons. Enjoying a meal at the table is a great way to form and build relationships with family, friends, co-workers, etc.

A possible downside to a potluck is transporting your dish from your kitchen to your destination, especially if your dish is in a Crock Pot.

It is trips like these that can give folks fits. You drive as cautiously as you can, but one little bump in the road or a turn taken a smidge too fast causes the lid to briefly jump up and produces a little spill to clean up.

Thanks to yet another crafty use of a rubber band, drivers and cooks no longer need to worry about this.

The next time you head out with your slow cooker, just stretch a rubber band from each handle to wrap around the lid knob, as pictured below.

Rubber bands keep your crock pot in tact

We hope this leads to cleaner cars, hence more food for future gatherings!