Rubber Bands: Love Them For The Money

There’s a famous scene in a movie that’s been on my mind. It’s about a man, sitting on a tour bus, counting money. There is a performer. A concert. Stacks and stacks of money. I’m certain there must be a bunch of rubber bands, too.

Rubber bands love them for the moneyMoney is nice. Sometimes we’re even fortunate to have a wad of it, like in the movies. When and if that happens, rubber bands are wonderful to have handy. Banks and financial institutions need them. So much so that they sometimes order what’s called “money bands.” These special “rubber bands” are made exclusively for stacks of cash.

One of my co-workers, Dennis, brought a money band to me this afternoon. It was a special order. As shown in the picture he submitted, it reads, “Jack Arnold” and is even autographed.

Your own personalized money bands…who would have thought. Just one more way rubber bands help hold your world together.

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