Tackling The Wash: Keep Your Socks Together With A Rubber Band

Ask yourself these simple questions:

Do your socks seem to tip toe away from you? Ever misplace a mate between the clothes bin and the washing machine? Has someone taken one of your socks away without your knowledge? Need some help keeping your new pair together? Do your socks go into the laundry, but never come out of it?

For what equates to just a few pennies, a rubber band can provide the perfect rescue. You’ll find nothing works better for less.

Simply put one around your socks before you toss them in the dirty clothes. With this perfect little “sock safety,” your mates are sure to keep from straying. Rubber bands even stay on while you wash and dry socks and they can be left on until you are ready to wear them again. This, by the way, is also great for baby socks.

Rubber bandRubber band