Watermelon Explosion Rubber Bands

Did you notice the Advantage Rubber Bands in the “You’re Gonna Need More Tide” commercial recently?

If you look closely you’ll see the packages in the bottom left corner around the 00:27 mark.


Advantage Rubber Bands are the strongest bands for your next exploding watermelon stunt, so be sure to add them to your shopping list before summer vacation begins!

If you want to watch the full original video by JustMaiko titled “WATERMELON vs 500 RUBBER BANDS!! **funny challenge w/ lil brother**” then just go to the YouTube video here.


More Info On The Exploding Rubber Band Stunt Find it Online:
According to Wikipedia:

The exploding watermelon stunt or exploding watermelon challenge involves wrapping rubber bands around a watermelon until the pressure of the rubber bands causes the watermelon to explode in a dramatic or spectacular fashion. Though previous video iterations of the event have proved popular, on April 8, 2016, the website BuzzFeed streamed the stunt live on Facebook.


Wichita Mom Blog:

This was a very messy, but fun activity that our whole family, friends, and neighbors enjoyed! We have exploded watermelons a couple of summers now, and it’s the perfect way to close it out with a bang!

Supplies needed
Watermelon (we found the smaller, round ones explode faster.)
Several bags of thick rubber bands
Eye Protection (such as goggles or sunglasses)
Bowl to hold the watermelon
Chalk or other activities to keep children entertained during the long process
Time and patience…




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