Dry Cleaning & Commercial Laundry Supplies

The Importance of Commercial Laundry Supplies


Think for a moment about the importance of a garment management system in a Dry Cleaning or Commercial Laundry business. Most Dry Cleaning and Laundering Service companies take in hundreds (or even thousands) of pieces each day, and in some cases, for same-day service. Maintaining a high quality of service is imperative for retaining business and there are a variety of ways that owners can establish an efficient, cost-effective process that keeps customers coming back again and again.  With a garment management system, you can keep everything organized, which not only makes your process more efficient but also reduces mistakes and can even reduce waiting times.

Commercial Laundry Supplies – Rubber bands secure tags to laundry bags

Fast and Efficient Order Bundling
Whether you serve residential or commercial customers, order bundling is a necessity. It’s vital that every counter/laundry bag is labeled properly (including names or specific laundering instructions).



Dry Cleaning Supplies – Rubber bands for color-coding a garment management system


Color-Coding Textiles
Taking things one step further, organizing laundry bundles with a color-coded system ensures that pieces are processed appropriately. You can assign a specific color to indicate the type of cleaning (wet or dry), order status (incomplete, racked, etc.), or per customer (for larger industrial cleaners).



Textile Manufacturing – Tab Bands for spool organization

Keep Workstations Organized
Keeping workstations organized and tools within easy reach is vital to the efficiency of any workplace, especially those in the garment industry. One popular item, the Tab Band, is manufactured specifically for organization of spooled items. These bands fit neatly around spools and include a small pull-tab which allows for easy removal.



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